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Distorted Mind releases for FREE download

So let’s cut to the chase. Back in 2012 I was going under the name “The Dead Poet” recording little pieces of music here and there with my friend and artist Ferdia Kelly Murphy. Basically, the origins of Soundwave Legacy. Distorted Mind was recorded around then in Ferdia’s home studio in Coolock on a 16 track as a demo. The original demo was grainy with lots of static air and certainly had it’s own vintage heavy rock vibe going on. We liked it and thought it was cool.


Around the start of 2013 I was training with John Connors and I mentioned that I had done a demo with a friend that could possibly be of use in his new script he was working on called Cardboard Gangsters. I met John one rainy night with the demo on CD. I’ll never forget, he was parked up in a little banged up Polo and I walked towards the car thinking.. shit.. what if he hates this! After a spin he turned to me and said that’s something new,  something he’s never heard before and it captured a darkness.. a darkness that he was trying to convey in his script writing. Basically, he was digging it. Grand!


It’s crazy to think after the dramatic overhaul John’s script had undergone with the newly established director, budget and cast that Distorted Mind survived as the first piece of music ever submitted and used. This track led to Director Mark O’ Connor hearing more of our current stuff and using it in the film.


There was a small issue though. Now, our music is sheer quality.. but Distorted Mind was over 3 years old, an old lo-fi demo recorded rough, we needed to achieve a certain sound grade so it could make it on to the silver screen. We decided to make a ballsy move and try refurbish the track instead of re-recording it on better equipment, although the result had pro’s and con’s we are happy we got to rejuvenate a piece of original music with the help of Daragh Hogan and Fergal Davis.


Distorted Mind isn’t a super polished piece, It’s jagged, harsh, raw and certainly tie’s in to the mind-frame of the picture John Connors was painting in his original script-work. It was used to elevate a cinematic sequence in the film that conveyed madness and chaos, a point of no return. I’m just happy that such and old dog like Distorted Mind was resurrected and has made it this far to serve it’s musical purpose instead of being a lost demo somewhere on an SD card rotting away. Anyway, hope you enjoy the track and look out for Cardboard Gangsters in cinemas across the country very soon!


Click the GREEN text below and Distorted Mind is all yours to enjoy. Just don’t rob any off-licences while playing it… Oh dear!






Cover art by: Wildappeal.com