This year has just been a whirlwind of positive vibes for me and to thank everyone that has supported me I’ve created this free track with some friends as my gift to you.  So sit back, relax and listen to this fresh new track while I tell you all about it.

GerryBoy presents this FREE SONG – More than a love thing – By God Creative ft Trom

      God Creative ft TROM - More than a love thing (NEW MIX) mp3


I’m sitting pretty in Darklands Audio working with the very talented Dan Doherty on my forthcoming album titled “Everything not saved, will be lost”. I have also had the pleasure of completing a 5 track EP with the mighty TROM that’s just about to drop titled “Soundwave Legacy Vol.1” and we are currently under construction creating Vol.2.


I have also had the pleasure of meeting the most amazing musicians along the way whilst assembling a live band such as the ultra-talented well renowned jazz and blues guitarist Lee Meehan and the crafty drumming veteran Anthony Kenny, combined with my childhood friend Ferdia Murphy on bass and TROM on vocals, we are certainly pioneering a new modern sound that I feel this country hasn’t heard before.


Having a vision and a direction is very important, especially for a modern emcee. We don’t play instruments, our tool is our voice and I believe what separates the great emcees from the good emcees is being able to lend your vocal to the sound so that it complements the mood and style of the music and of course without a doubt you need solid content combined with the ability to perform your work with certainty whilst you carefully choose your flow style.


Your art should always evolve in all facades, only then the door to other platforms start opening. When you find your stride, that’s when you meet people on similar paths and I guess the golden rule is in this game is that if you can help someone on your level with their vision and they can help you, then you do it. This is exactly why I’m knocking heads with one of the most well know beat makers and producers in the Irish hip-hop scene, GerryBoy.



The hip-hop scene is constantly getting stronger here in Ireland year by year. GerryBoy is one of those ambassadors that are making sure that the material that goes out to the public is strong and well produced whilst cutting no corners working with talented well known Irish emcee’s to do his beats justice.



GerryBoy hails from a musical background himself, looking up to his brothers indie rock band he went and formed his own band at 15 years of age where he played guitar up until the age of 22, that’s when he fell in love with making beats. He said to me over a conversation “it’s 4 years later and I’m still looking for THAT ONE BEAT” which only means one thing to me, the man is still striving, pushing forward and always looking to improve.


GerryBoy went on to form the group DCR (Dublin city residence) comprised of artists Ricishade, Fitzer and Atonal. The group created a 12 track album titled “Presence of the streets” and an EP titled “Product of a Brooklyn seed” which are all on Bandcamp, free to download. This year GerryBoy also launched an album titled “Tailored Vibes” which features some of Ireland’s top emcee’s and created a beat that artist Lethal Dialect used to create a song and video titled “New Dublin Saunter” that has been entered into the bid to support Dublin on becoming the European capital of culture 2020. All in all, a very productive 4 years.


Just know one thing, God Creative isn’t playing around when it comes to music and that’s why when GerryBoy had sent me over a couple of beats that I immediately clicked with one and thought TROM would be savage on this hook! Within a couple of days I was firing over the finished vocals for GerryBoy to mix and he went straight to work on it giving birth to the track “More than a love thing”.


GerryBoy’s beats remind me of that classical mid 90’s era, warm, but retaining a modern ambiance about them delivering hues of jazz and melodic strings giving the emcee lots of space to flow nice and steady. I can’t wait to see what the future holds in terms of this man’s evolution. Recently, GerryBoy has sent me some fresh projects and a couple more from the vault which I am currently scanning at the moment in hopes of doing five-track collaboration. For now, lay back and enjoy the sexual sounds of our first gem: More than a love thing.


For Gerryboys music: Check out Gerryboy’s Bandcamp here