Music is our universal language. No matter what race or creed, we can all understand sound. Sound manages to dictate our moods, capture emotions and in some cases heal the listeners soul and fill them with hope. On the other side it could also have quite the opposite effect. It is safe to say music is a very ancient tradition that harbors a lot of energy and power. I have been very lucky to be surrounded by musicians most of my life. Creators, innovators and passionate types that always kept music close to there heart. One of these talented individuals was TROM.


I have known TROM since a youth growing up in Darndale. This was the man that used dodgy student cards to buy us our first cans of Dutch Gold. Back then, creative types like ourselves were not too popular with current society (It just wasn’t trendy yet) but we never denied our musical talents and our individuality, in fact we embraced it and ran wild with the idea we were building true representations of ourselves. Around 1999 i was busy gathering a very small minority of people to join in freestyle cypher sessions while TROM was busy perfecting his skills on guitar and his very unique world class voice. Even back then, we all knew TROM had a very special gift and an alarming capability to learn fast. As time passed, naturally we began to vibe and merge our crafts in social environments. Little did we know this was the beginning of the Soundwave Legacy.




Late 2014 i had revived myself with ambitions to create a solo album in Darklands Audio with our sound engineer and producer, Dan Doherty. I had this vision to also record a side project with TROM, a single called “Closer” that we had already recorded as a demo. TROM, a Darndale native that later spent 15 years of his life living in Kilkenny had returned to living in Dublin rejuvenated from a long break in music. I knew in my heart and soul this guy had the talent and the ability to shine on the world stage, it was time for him to return to his full potential and start pushing for an album. first, we made an agreement to complete our single which then led to me pushing my own album back almost 6 months as it became very apparent that we were aiming for something bigger. The end product was the 5 track EP titled, Soundwave Legacy.


The contrast between our styles seemed to be complimentary and work in unison. On one hand TROM would deliver haunting octaves over spacious melodies and i would recite deep metaphorical content. On the other hand we also work on the opposite scale, TROM would deliver high octane vocals on an energetic track and i would deliver a tonal barrage of word play and flows. In my opinion Soundwave Legacy captures many diverse musical moments, bringing you on a journey through sound that merges rock, classic hip-hop, blues, pop, electro and ambient vibes all under one roof to create a stylish piece that i am very proud to be a part of. The good news is we do not plan to stop working together, we will continue to develop our style and team up to create a unique listening experience, creating a legacy through sound.  I am excited about this one! TROM is an exquisite artist with an arson of vocal versatility, one to watch out for as he has started recording his solo project at Darklands Audio. Also, look out for Soundwave Legacy, coming your way very soon!


Photos by our partners: HexagonLight.ie