What’s up!? It’s been a while since i used my website to promote anything, but here i am, and i bare good news.. a brand new release from myself called ‘Visualize’!!


This track is the second single to drop from a full album recorded with producer ‘Gerryboy’ called ‘The Creative Process’ which is slated for release later this year! I’m very excited for you all to hear the full record. I’ll be revealing the albums iconic artwork very soon!


Seem’s as it’s January, most of us like to start with a clean slate. We start to tap into the things we’ve put off for months and begin to make a go at doing the things we originally set out to do in the past but for whatever excuse we made then, we just didn’t.


Or maybe it’s something totally brand new you’ve never done or experienced before and you know you’d be great at it but the thoughts of starting it is overwhelming! It might be new beginnings with fresh perspectives!


Either way, hey, i’m no master at mindfulness, but i do know being “the best you” isn’t easy and mostly takes balls and courage! I guess this is why i wrote this tune, it’s a letter to myself to remind me to use the minds tool of Visualization to take the steps towards the things that will ultimately define me as a person, to not cave into external pressures or negative influences, to stay focused on what’s truly important, and that’s myself.


Listening to yourself, trusting the process and acting upon’s one’s visions could be a way towards achieving whatever it is you set out to do. Who knows.. maybe listening to this track could influence you in a positive way? One thing is for sure, i’m proud of the writing and overall couldn’t be more happier with the track, and hope it resonates with you!


I promise, the album is loaded with little gem’s like this, so keep and ear out for The Creative Process’.


Anyway, this track is a little gift to everyone who has their energies in the right place and is ready to move into 2019 knowing that YOU are the architect of your own faith, all you have to do is VISUALIZE!!


Click the image below and that will bring you right to my Spotify. Visualize is available on all digital platforms for download and stream.


Enjoy, my friends!


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