Soundwave Legacy - God Creative & Trom


Over a period of 7 months I have been working alongside Darklands Audio and artist TROM as a lyricist in a musical project titled Soundwave Legacy. This project brought together the finer elements of different genres such as Hip-Hop, Soul, Electronic, Blues and Pop to bring the listener a blend of modern non-intrusive vibes that retains a hint of the golden age of music but at the same time delivering a breath of fresh air.


This track Soundwave Legacy is the second track taken from our EP also titled Soundwave Legacy and is primarily a deep conscious organic Hip-Hop track with samples of the artist TROM in the background. TROM has a heavy presence on the rest of the EP delivering world class vocals as our sound changes throughout our record. The quality of musicians drafted in to work on this EP was second to none, TROM’S vocals and guitar, Blues lead and Riffs from Lee Meehan, Banging Bass from Ferdia Murphy, Drums, Synth and Production by Dan Doherty all combined made this EP something special that I am very proud to be a part of.


Have a listen and enjoy! Also, our EP is for sale on all major online stores. If you like what you hear, go pick it up!


Stay tunned