On Wednesday the 19th of December my band prepared to play our biggest gig to date at a sold out show supporting Damien Dempsey at Vicar Street. When we arrived at the side door ready to lug our gear to the stage, I had a feeling of nerves mixed with excitement but soon as I walked through the empty floor of Vicar Street, I walked into the middle of the venue, Looked up and all around at the balcony’s then took a big deep breath In and slowly exhaled. By the time I had finished breathing out I could feel the loving warm vibe off the venue, It was pleasing to the eye, that’s when I knew It was show time!


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Backstage In our dressing room the band were In high spirits. At 8:15 we got the knock, It’s time to roll out and do what we do best, Preform! All members walked out to take their position as I hung back at the curtains as Damo gave me a big hug and said, Go get’em! I walked out to my mic only to realize the venue was packed wall to wall. I couldn’t believe It! I grabbed the microphone and shouted, Vicar Street, Welcome to the mother fucking church of Damien Dempsey, We are your apostles Soundwave Legacy!! The place exploded and filled me up with energy. The rest is history!


We put on a stellar performance packed with great chemistry among ourselves and the crowd. Our 40 minute set seemed to sail by in a flash as we jived through all our songs. Approaching the end, on our second last song I introduced the band, then the lights dimmed. I took the mic and said, one more? And the crowd happily agreed. We finished up with a banger from our new EP called “Stone”, at this stage the crowd were on board and loving our vibes. It was truly a beautiful experience to see the work we put In as a band come to fruition. Well deserved too, as I feel I’m part of one of the best bands in the country! Get ready 2016, we have arrived!


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