Soundwave Legacy’s track JIM KELLY releases for FREE download

Late 2014 (Pre-Soundwave Legacy) was the first time I set foot in Darklands Audio. Myself, Trom and Ferdia Kelly Murphy had rehearsed a track as a demo titled Jim Kelly. The riff created by Ferdia is gritty and pacey with a rock and roll type feel so I thought it was only right to deliver high octane vocals to match the tracks swift perpetual motion. Trom sings the main hook as we all fall back as a ghetto choir chanting a melodic “la la la” in the background while the drums grunge out hard to a heavy climax.


For those who don’t know, Jim Kelly is an African/American black belt Kenpo martial artist turned actor in the 70’s. He’s mostly known for his on screen performance in Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon (1973). The lyrics in the track are meant to reflect growing up in these north side Dublin streets as a youth were gang altercations were mostly unavoidable, so I’m asking.. what’s the craic with them? What’s the buzz with them? If they want to start trouble.. then I’m Jim mother fucking Kelly, cool, calm and always ready, so come get some!


Check out Jim Kelly’s kick ass moves right here in the movie Enter The Dragon.



Almost a year later director Mark O’ Connor caught a listen of the track Jim Kelly and really loved it’s raw flavor and distinct character. He liked the gritty slice of musical attitude so much he wrote a whole montage around the the track that featured in the Irish feature film Cardboard Gangsters. Jim Kelly will also feature on the films soundtrack too rumored to be published by Universal in the new year.



Jim Kelly, Soundwave Legacy, God Creative, Trom, Darklands Audio, Cardboard Gangsters Soundtrack,
(From left) TROM, Crimes Against, God Creative & Ferdia Kelly Murphy @ Darklands Audio.


To help celebrate Cardboard Gangsters making It’s rounds on the Irish film festival circuit this year the Soundwave Legacy track Jim Kelly is available for free download for you all to enjoy. Click the link below for a listen and if it’s your cup-of-tea then all it’s yours! Just remember one thing, if you see my on the street, holler.. I’m Jim Kelly, I’M JIM KELLY!


CLICK: Soundwave Legacy – Jim Kelly




Photo by: Hexagon Light

Feature image designed by: Wild Appeal