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    It’s been a very productive year so far for us (Creative Crime) as we dropped our debut single ‘Give Me Your Pain’ which received a lot of love! Our debut album ‘TAKEOVER’ is just about in the bag (release set for early 2018) and we are spending as much time as we need […]

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SOUNDWAVE LEGACY – ‘SPACESHIPS’ – CARDBOARD GANGSTERS SOUNDTRACK     To help celebrate the nationwide cinema release of Cardboard Gangsters SOUNDWAVE LEGACY DROP BRAND NEW BANGER ‘SPACESHIPS’ LIVE VIDEO. This video reveals the vibe of our forthcoming album. We wanted a fresh approach this time so we are taking it back to the synthwave 80’s […]

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Soundwave Legacy drops their debut visual – Stone

The “Stone” video was a concept cooked up by award winning film director and actor Tristan Heanue¬†. Early in 2016 just after Soundwave Legacy Vol.1 dropped we would meet for coffee and discuss how the video could possibly look.   He pitched his vision and slowly started to paint a picture sending me some mood […]

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Distorted Mind releases for FREE download

So let’s cut to the chase. Back in 2012 I was going under the name “The Dead Poet” recording little pieces of music here and there with my friend and artist Ferdia Kelly Murphy. Basically, the origins of Soundwave Legacy.¬†Distorted Mind was recorded around then in Ferdia’s home studio in Coolock on a 16 track […]

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God Creative & Crimes Against headlining Cardboard Gangsters premiere

God Creative & Crimes Against headlining Cardboard Gangsters premiere. Doors will open at 5pm. This gig is open to the public with limited amount of tickets at the door. Admission is only 5 euro. On the 9th of July 2016 the Irish feature film Cardboard Gangsters debuts in one on the most prestigious and recognizable […]

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Irish rap music is now socially accepted

I think it’s fair to say the Irish rap scene has been laying dormant in the capital city and elsewhere for the last decade or more with it’s bare amounts of originality, quality and accessibility. In saying that, i’m well aware there is an underground scene with emcee’s that built upon their skills over the […]