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Soundwave Legacy perform “Closer” Unplugged for The Sound Feed

This track is an acoustic rendition of “Closer”, taken from our debut EP Soundwave Legacy Vol. 1. It’s also available on all major online stores worldwide. Big thank you to the staff at The Sound Feed  for making this video possible! Sit back, relax, click the video and enjoy the vibes!   Soundwave Legacy – Closer […]

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Irish rap music is now socially accepted

I think it’s fair to say the Irish rap scene has been laying dormant in the capital city and elsewhere for the last decade or more with it’s bare amounts of originality, quality and accessibility. In saying that, i’m well aware there is an underground scene with emcee’s that built upon their skills over the […]

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God Creative and Crimes Against Godzillah Single Launch Night

God Creative and Crimes Against Godzillah Single Launch Night took place on the 26th of March. Myself and Crimes Against hosted a night of savage musical talent at The Chocolate Factory inside Blas Cafe to mark the release of our first single Godzillah. I called upon 4 brilliant acts to help celebrate the night which […]



Hailing from my first album teamed up with the ultrasonic producer Crimes Against, I’m proud to bring you our first piece of the Album to go public titled “Godzillah”. Godzillah Is the Intro to our forthcoming album titled “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost” which is due for release late 2016.   Our focus was […]


Since I was 13 years old I always wanted to make a hip-hop album. I used to beg my mother to let me stay up on a school night until midnight to watch a hip-hop show on MTV called YO until she gave in. I’ll always remember sitting in front of an old school telly […]